Friday, November 16, 2012


Despite the runes, today's commute was trouble-free.

Once at Starfleet GF had some last minute preparation for a review, and was also swamped in material related to a new project he is picking up, bidding to HMG. The review went as expected - and frankly, GF will be delighted when he can disconnect from this client/project. However, he must continue for now.

The new project looks quite interesting with the potential for some partnering with colleagues from the Netherlands, and a couple of independent vendors. What is clear is that there will have to be a priority call at some point if we win the other bid on which GF has been working. Both of these are effectively full-time commitments.

GF saw the Abbott wandering around Starfleet, but didn't get a chance to chat as he had a mobile phone attached to the side of his head.... no change there, then.

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