Thursday, November 01, 2012

Home at last

It was a full day. Braced by a hearty Scottish breakfast the Gorse Fox met up with some colleagues and headed for the client's offices. Overnight, through some type of magic, a series of emails had arrived on his computer. One from She-Admiral necessitated a careful response - this took a little crafting to get "just right", but a later reply indicated GF had got it spot on.

Most of the morning was spent in a workshop that began in a very fractious manner but soon settled and managed to get some sensible work concluded. It was due to continue after lunch, but GF made his apologies and ducked out - the level of detail they planned for the postprandial session was greater than that to which GF could contribute - being fairly new to this client. So GF spent the afternoon trying to guide his "on the ground chap" to complete the tasks for the week in a way that would satisfy the various stakeholders.  The chap, let's call him Jack Elam Jr., is frighteningly intelligent... and let's his intellect run away with him. It is clear that he will need a lot of managing.

Good trip back to the South, and within fifteen minutes of the wheels hitting the runway, the Gorse Fox was in his car driving out of the airport.

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