Thursday, November 29, 2012


As politics rattle the egos of those who who worry about such things, the Gorse Fox spent much of the day in a workshop which was designed to elicit the details of the first few weeks of work on the new project and confirm the organisational structure. The latter, you might have assumed would already be fixed, but no. The assumed structure was a mish-mash of roles put together into a structure that respected the divisional boundaries within Starfleet and their relative position within the contract. By the end of the workshop we had developed a structure that actually made sense and left us with an organisation that actually had a chance of working... and the Gorse Fox moving from the technical lead in one small area to the chief architect for the lot.

Talking of poison chalices, the personnel changes on the Scottish Project are now open knowledge. This has caused further ripples with one of the other long-term resources throwing his toys out of the pram and demanding to be moved (and come and work on GF's new project). As this is one of the largest single opportunities of the year, it has a magnetism for the high-flyers and he would certainly fit in well. We'll have to see how his management chain react.

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