Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Another one

It was another early start to get up to Starfleet's offices in London. These trips do give the Gorse Fox a chance to listen to his audio books, so they are not too bad (when not daily).

The reviews off our bid continued throughout the morning and into the early afternoon... but went well. The only issue raised was organisational - and we were already aware of the that, but constrained by internecine battles within the Starfleet hierarchy.

Once back in the home office GF took a call from the team in Edinburgh that seemed to rattle on, and cover a great deal of familiar ground, but is unlikely to get anywhere as long as the client admits that they should stick to their business and allow Starfleet to get on with theirs. They have, quite literally, hundreds of years of Starfleet experience working with them, but choose to believe they know best. It seems a bit like going to Wembley to watch football and finding the professional football team running the catering concessions, the car park stewards on the pitch playing the game, and the Archbishop of Canterbury acting as Referee.

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