Saturday, October 06, 2012


The new door in the new porch had to come down. The recent wet weather has caused it to swell and it wasn't closing properly.

This is a heavy door, so the Gorse Fox spent quite a while trying to find things to wedge under it and take the weight once the hinges had been removed. Eventually some left over kitchen work top, a ceramic tile, two pieces of plaster board and an off-cut of 2x1 provided the stability required and the door was duly removed and carried to the garage wher it was placed on a workbench and a roller stand.

The power planer and belt sander were broken out, and soon wood shavings were flying.  A test fit showed that there was still some further work to do, but after attacking the door with the power tools once more, everything fitted.

The door now rests in the garage whilst the primer/undercoat dries on the freshly planed wood.

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