Tuesday, October 09, 2012

One Rule

And so it came to pass that on Friday the client to who Starfleet had been bidding asked for a re-pricing and promised an updated file of requirements on Monday morning. On Monday morning, it became lunchtime. By the end of the day the promise was Tuesday lunchtime.

It has not arrived... but the deadlines for re-pricing remain the same. It is evidently one rule for them, and another for Starfleet.

Talking of Starfleet, GF had a long online conversation with an Extinguished Engineer (a retired Distinguished Engineer). It was good to hear from him and get news of how his first year has gone, living in Devon. His only complaint seem to be the incessant rain... but GF would guess that is the same for many people this year. Having said that, he and the Silver Vixen have always noticed how much wetter it is in Devon and Cornwall than it is here in Sussex. Once tempted to move down that way, we tend to watch the weather reports for the West Country and observe the significant difference from home.

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