Thursday, September 20, 2012

Where am I

The Gorse Fox was able to start the day in his home office before heading up to Starfleet in London. This meant that he could get some work done, then cue iTunes to download the latest updates to his iPad apps and the the new IOS. As this was a significant amount of data, and the broadband is so incredibly slow, he left this running whilst completing his day in London.

It was nice to get to the Starfleet office as GF bumped into a number of old friends, one of which he hadn't seen in over twenty years.

The meeting with the client was a bit torturous... he does like the sound of his own voice - and spends a significant amount of time waffling. However, it is now becoming clearer that we have a real and significant opportunity on our hands - even if his expectations around prices seem a little naive.

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