Monday, September 24, 2012

Senile? Not quite.

As years tick by, the Gorse Fox starts to worry about whether he is getting forgetful. You'd think he would know - but, frankly, he's forgotten.

On Friday he contacted a colleague and requested the contact details for another colleague that has somehow managed to remain off the books within Starfleet. All set, GF sat back to await a text with the details. This morning the details had still not arrived so GF sent a gently e-nudge. Within moments the response came: "I sent them to you on Friday, and you sent me a thank-you".

Oh dear. This was not good. Not only had he completely forgotten then text, but also that he was polite enough to say thanks. GF returned to his email tray and searched. No email from the colleague, and no sent email to him. GF fired up his phone and started looking at all the text messages. None at all received on Friday. Nor were any sent.

GF was getting concerned. He sent an email "Not to worry, but are you sure you sent the details to the right Gorse Fox?"

There was a pause of several minutes then an email arrived containing the contact details and an admission that he had sent them to the wrong person on Friday.

Gorse Fox was vindicated - senility is still being held at bay.

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