Friday, September 21, 2012

Home work

The Gorse Fox was lucky enough to be working from home again today. It started with a teleconference to discuss a client presentation (GF didn't attend) yesterday. Interesting feedback showed a strange naivety in the boardroom.

From there GF moved to writing up yesterday afternoon's meeting and setting calls to discuss the outcome. Realistically, whilst this looks a big opportunity, it is taking a ridiculous amount of time to gain traction.

Then the Gorse Fox had to review some analysis of a project that has a few challenges - not least of which is the disingenuous behaviour of some of the parties involved. This was an opportunity for GF to let off a bit of steam, and it was duly taken.

Meanwhile, in real life, the Silver Vixen's brother Paul had arrived. After the recent work we had a residual problem with the heating. Whilst it worked, it was terribly noisy. He is up to his elbows in copper and solder at the moment, but hopefully, once finished, all will be well.

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