Thursday, September 06, 2012

Home again

Another excellent day working from home ( long may it continue).

Managed to touch base with Cousteau-cub. Whilst very busy, she has been a bit unwell and has another 10 days of medication to complete.

Also took a call from a Timeshare reseller. Exactly the same script as last year. Sounds like exactly the same scam.

Was surprised to hear about a number of colleagues leaving Starfleet this week. It appears that some divisions have been "re-balancing"... Though GF was not really aware it was going on.

Though scheduled to be in London tomorrow, GF has been given the "stand down". Perfect end to the week.

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farmland funds said...

Timeshares. Ugh how I hate them. I made the mistake some years ago of filling out a form requesting information. This was a mistake, as I then must have received five calls over the course of a month, many with dubious offers of free stays in exchange for taking a tour. Stay away!