Sunday, June 10, 2012


More of today than is healthy has been spent doing work-related tasks. The Gorse Fox notices that the “work-life balance” epithet is a thing of the past. Now it is more like: “work if you still have life and want to balance your cheque book”.

Had to update the GF CV. His name is being put forward to help a well known media company, by Starfleet.

With salary planning and mid-year reviews coming up, it looks as if it will be a busy few weeks.

Back down to Bristol tomorrow

Returned to the long term project that is the family genealogy. With a family event on the horizon GF has been looking for a way of printing the whole family tree on some kind of banner. After a lot of Googling GF finally found a service that looks as if it will do the job. File duly uploaded – and now awaiting contact to all GF to view the outcome before paying.

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