Wednesday, June 13, 2012

There’s nice for you

The Gorse Fox had the pleasure of working from home today. This meant that there were very few interruptions and he could bury himself in the matters of the day. This included discussion of a DoU with another line of business – who always seem to have a knack of wriggling off the hook when most needed; and adaptation of a spreadsheet. The latter, surprisingly, has been changed to use a slightly different approach to the problem but delivers the same outcome. It even looks exactly the same. The difference is that it is only two thirds of the original size… and it can now dynamic change shape to accommodate additional content. (Most satisfying).

In the background the Silver Vixen and her mother pottered about, and during the afternoon even got a chance to sit out in garden. Convalescence seems to be going well, and the check-up at the surgery received glowing results.

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