Saturday, June 16, 2012


The problem statement was simple – how does an elderly lady get out of the shower when there is a 9 inch step and she has just had a hip replacement?

The Heath-Robinson approach, which first came to mind, involved pulleys and counter-weights and a chair suspended from a cable and guided by bluebirds. This proved a little ambitious.

Plan B involved two large sofa cushions – however the compression caused by the interaction of gravity and the carbon-based life form proved too great – though had to be endured for today.

The Gorse Fox took things in hand and made his way to the local supplier of wood to the discerning. Car loaded, he returned home to construct two steps that could be used individually or together. Having recently cleared the garage, the adhesive he thought to be lurking in the corner had in fact be stored safely at the local tip… so the final touches will have to await the return of the Silver Vixen from her sortie into the local village.

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The Gorse Fox said...

Final touches completed, the steps were made available and this morning's shower proceeded without incident.