Friday, June 08, 2012

So it begins

Each year Starfleet’s leading technologists in the UK and Ireland hold elections to select new members of their group. Some members have a tenure for three years, to ensure a continual change in overall membership; some (like the Gorse Fox) are permanent members. Nominations are open across the various divisions of Starfleet, but in the Gorse Fox’s Division there are so many potential candidates that we run a pre-selection process to ensure that we do not dilute the voting and that we have picked the very cream of the crop. For the last few years, the Gorse Fox has run this process and as the 2012 election process swings into gear GF is setting up weekly calls to manage this years list.

GF had to review the current media bid today. It helps, having been involved for a couple of days. At least GF had a good understanding of what was required and what was being put together. The team had done a good job.

Yet again, Silver Vixen’s mother’s discharge from the hospital has been delayed which saved a trip to High Wycombe, and meant that the Silver Vixen could go out with her coven during the evening. They had a speaker who turned out to be very inspiring so SV was pleased the way things had worked out.

GF watched the opening matches of the Euros. He wasn’t overstruck by the Poland team or the Greece team, but thought that the Russia team looked dangerously impressive.

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