Monday, June 04, 2012


With the Silver Vixen’s mother due to convalesce with us for the next month or so, the morning was spent returning one of the bedrooms to a habitable state. With everything piled and stacked, ready to move, it was neat and tidy – but uninhabitable.

We then decided that the use of some spare crates would be a neater solution to the storage released from the sideboard when it was sold. A major move around followed in the living room – much to the confusion of Jasper the cat.

After the execrable coverage of the Rive Pageant by the BBC, we chanced our sanity by watching the coverage of the Concert at the Palace. You would have thought, in this day and age, that they could have actually spent more that 30 seconds adjusting the sound levels and attempted to get them right. You would also have thought that they might have got some performers who new roughly where the notes were meant to be. It was quite clear from some that they only had a cursory familiarity with the right notes.

GF has never been fond of Rap music – Will.i.Am reinforced this with his rhythmic verse, set to music, and permanently off-key.

At least, as the evening has worn on, the quality has improved and it has ended up on a celebratory high.

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