Monday, June 11, 2012

A little damp

The rain started last night, and fell throughout the night and into the morning.  The Gorse Fox set off at his usual time but soon ran into deep standing water. It presaged a long journey. So it turned out. The A27 was closed near Chichester and the first 30 miles took well over two hours. Fortunately, as the GF headed west the flooding lessened - though the rain continued. In the end the journey took well over 4 hours. Ominous start to the week!

Once at work, things went remarkably smoothly. It was quite a good day.

It was clear when he left work that traffic was backed up all over the place. GF allowed his in-built sense of direction to take over and deliberately headed out of the car park by the back exit. This allowed him to whizz round the back and follow the railway to drop him down in front of the traffic.

Managed to see the second half of the England - France match. Was impressed with the discipline shown. It seems to the Gorse Fox that if you cannot play the tick-tack football of Barcelona, then the best approach is solid, disciplined defence and the ability to break quickly with good strikers. Not as exciting as tick-tack, but a good scientific approach.

News from Sussex reports that the rain continued and the water is, in places, several feet deep and many roads are closed. Here in the west country, the rain stopped several hours ago and it doesn't seem too bad.

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