Friday, June 01, 2012

It was a long day

The Gorse Fox got the second train of the morning up to London to meet up with the team crafting a response to one of the big media companies. GF is considered a bit of a specialist in this area and they clearly needed help.

Allowing a veil to pass across the day itself, GF finally escaped from the build a while after seven. Checking train times, he decided to head for Waterloo and try to intercept his train at Clapham Junction. It would be touch and go.

The train pulled out of Waterloo, stopped briefly at Vauxhall to pick up the spies from MI6, and then headed onwards to Clapham. As we passed under the viaduct carrying the Victoria trains, GF looked up to see if his train was there – but no. There was a chance he would make it! A few seconds later we drew alongside a train on the next track and started to overtake. It was GF’s train… and we pulled into Clapham alongside it. The doors seemed to take an age to open, but GF was well positioned and exploded from the carriage and down the stairs, turning left into the tunnel and the right up the stairs to Platform 12. Bursting back into the light he watched the train doors close and the train pull away.

Oh, well. It gave him 30 minutes to stand and ponder the meaning of life, to search for the Higgs Boson particle (it wasn’t in his pocket after all), and to curse the way so many bids end up consuming peoples’ non-work time, observing that some of his colleagues are going to be working through the weekend – and are unlikely to get any thanks or recognition for their effort.

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