Friday, June 29, 2012

Getting Started

Friday has been like the first day of a new school. A whole new bunch of people to know, a new layout, new rules, and the optimism that the Gorse Fox always feels when faced with new challenges.

  • How will he gather the data he needs?
  • Who should he interview?
  • What are the political ramifications?
  • How will he analyse what he finds?
  • How will he draw the right balance in coming to his conclusions?
  • A mind map starts to form

…and so it begins.

Disappointed by last night’s football. Really though Germany would go all the way – but they didn’t deserve to win last night, so cannot really complain.

Now whilst in this optimistic mood, perhaps the Gorse Fox should just go through his trust checklist:

  • Politicians, no (see expenses scandal and virtually anything promised to the electorate);
  • BBC, no (see treatment of Global Warming, anti-Government bias, anti-Israeli bias, etc.);
  • Climate scientists, no (see corruption of the scientific method, politicisation of process, stifling of debate);
  • Journalists, no (see Leveson inquiry);
  • Lawyers(*), no (see ambulance chasers who have created the whole compensation culture through their own greed);
  • Bankers, no (see credit crunch and rigging of LIBOR interest rates).

A parlous state of affairs.

(*)The Gorse Fox distinguishes between Solicitors who tend to be trusted advisors and agents acting during major life events and who, by and large, are fine and upstanding individuals – and Lawyers who are parasitic pond life and have created a sub-culture of blame and litigation that has done more to corrupt the optimism and joy of living than anything since the great flu pandemic.

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