Saturday, May 26, 2012


Like the motorcycle manufacturer – there is a touch of irony hidden within.

Roy Hodgson started his reign as England football manager with a “triumph” of Norway. The Gorse Fox knows that Norway are difficult to beat (it comes from running round the fjords)… but whilst the team won, it was hardly a triumph.

Watching the game reminded the Gorse Fox of the school playground. He makes the following observations:

  1. It doesn’t matter how much your club pays you, if you give the ball away each time you receive it, then you are worthless.
  2. Defending is an art form beyond the ability to just hoof the ball up the pitch to the opposition.
  3. Passing the ball to your goalkeeper is just giving the ball to the opposition by proxy. Since Paul Robinson, there has not been an England goalkeeper who can distribute the ball accurately.
  4. If you retain possession of the ball your opponent cannot score (though you could always do something stupid and score an own-goal).
  5. Every attack does not have to culminate in an immediate attempt on goal. Patience and mobility may provide a better opportunity.
  6. If your team mate on the ball seems to be having trouble, MOVE, and give him an outlet – don’t just stand there wondering how he’ll get out of it.
  7. Kick-and-run as a strategy was discredited when Howard Wilkinson was around – it is unlikely to return (even in the playground).

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