Thursday, May 24, 2012


Gorse Fox has been working at home. It was varied but started with some effort directed towards some system modelling software. Licensing problems were eventually overcome, but GF still has some residual issue defining the correct encyclopaedia as its basic repository.

GF had volunteered to help set up some elective sessions at a forthcoming event. A couple of hours in the middle of the day was spent writing the synopses for a choice of sessions which would be discussed later in the day.

GF also had to deal with the closure of a performance improvement plan for a colleague. This had proved successful as the focus has clearly helped him adjust his working behaviour and GF has no doubt that he will go forward from this with a positive and improved attitude.

The final excitement of the day was the arrival of Gorse Fox's Raspberry Pi.m More on this in the future, but it is essentially a £30 bare bones computer which you have to build and develop. Sounds like a "project".

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