Friday, April 20, 2012


Working at home has so many advantages. You can carry on with the “day job” whilst clearing odd questions, and odd debates about domestic issues.

The Gorse Fox put down the phone from a conference call and was summoned by the Silver Vixen. Should we offer the old lawn mower to the chap who cut our grass? If so, would GF retrieve it from the shed. The couple of minutes it took to complete the task was useful as the mower has now moved on to its new owner.

At lunchtime the man from the teleportation removals company arrived to review the contents of the house and give us a quote for the move. The Silver Vixen was on hand to escort him, but as it was lunch time, GF did the tour.

The Starfleet travel booking system was kind enough to alert the Gorse Fox that his Passport will soon expire – again a brief interrupt saw the online forms completed and hopefully the form will arrive for signing in the next few days. (Which may be useful as GF may have to go to Copenghagen in the next few weeks).

At the end of the day a batch of questions arrived from the the Solicitor. These were quickly handled – but there is still a busy week-end ahead.

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