Thursday, April 19, 2012


For the second week running the drive back from the West Country was made more interesting by some heavy monsoon-like rains. The surface of the M4 was invisible beneath several centimetres of water and the spray from the passing vehicles exacerbated the lack of visibility imposed by the rain. Again, drivers were remarkably sensible – traffic slowed, gaps were maintained, lights were on, nobody tried to change lanes and fifteen minutes later we popped out into bright sunshine.

GF’s mobile phones were giving problems. He could switch between the phones in the car, but though the connections were made and the phones could be accessed, neither was able to make or receive calls whilst connected. Will have to try this again tomorrow.

One of the removals companies turned up today to survey our stuff and give us a quote for moving it to the new house. GF was very pleased with the quote, as it was only two-thirds of what he had budgeted. Expecting a competitive quotation tomorrow from another company.

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