Saturday, April 07, 2012


The day has been a bit of a mashup. We started with the usual last minute clear up prior to the scheduled viewing by our purchasers. This was elevated to a degree of panic when we saw an overflow pipe dripping. GF fiddled with the water pressure coming in to the house and the dripping stopped. Everything was ready.

The purchasers arrived and were given the full room-by-room tour. He seemed like a nice chap – a bit older than the Gorse Fox – but clearly had little or no say in what was going on. She was as similar age and, escorted round by the Silver Vixen, was a maelstrom of decorative ideas as she tried to come to terms with how she would arrange the house. A couple of hours later, they left – apparently satisfied.

We had promised Urban-cub a chance to see the new house, and so collected her and Pistol Pete’s daughter. We went back round the house and noted that they had started marking up for their “snagging” and were being very pernickety. Having said that, we did spot some items they had missed, but we will get our chance to do a proper inspection before we move in.

When we got back, we had a message from another agent saying that one of their clients is now in a position to make us an offer. Whilst we are pleased to have a fall back – we would never renege on the existing offer (even for an increased amount) unless the purchaser started to mess us around.

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