Sunday, April 01, 2012


It was a glorious start to the day – though the temperature was much lower than we have been experiencing. We cannot really complain as it is still early April. GF was lucky to catch Cousteau-cub on line and managed to have a good chat and catch up on news and their recent holiday.

We had arranged to meet with the Silver Vixen’s mother and sister for some lunch and so headed up to Buckingham. After initial teas and coffees we pottered along to Woughton on the Green in Milton Keynes where we had a table booked fro lunch. The place was heaving as the weather was so nice – and whilst the food was excellent, the service was very slow.

Back in Buckingham the Gorse Fox helped SV’s sister with her new laptop whilst we heard all about her new job and they heard all about our house move.

Meanwhile, in the background Spurs beat Swansea to complete a perfect weekend (Arsenal having lost).

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