Monday, April 02, 2012


 Morning chores complete, and in the face of a splendid (though chilly) day, we decided to hit the big city  and headed along the coast to Brighton.

There was a purpose behind this, beyond just a nice trip out. GF is still trying to find a painting or piece of art for his birthday. Beneath the esplanade in Brighton, nestling among the pubs, ice cream vendors, and fish and chip stalls lies several small galleries. One we had visited before, buying a painting for Cousteau-cub's 30th.

We retraced our steps and found the galleries and chatted to the artists. We did not buy anything but we have several ideas now - one of which is to commission something specific, based on one of Cousteau-cubs photos.

Galleries done, we carried on along to the pier where we strolled out along the wonderful old structure and watched the rides at the end as they threw their vistims into the air and spun them. GF couldn't help but comment that at £5 per ride it seemed expensive - but you got all the vomit you wish for. Gorse Fox has never been one for these rides!

Back into town we stopped at "Day'S" restaurant. This is an Asian buffet and boasts some 250 dishes available for your selection. This seemed like a perfect end to the trip.

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