Monday, April 16, 2012

Back in Bristol

The journey to Bristol was a bit slow. Evidently people had returned from their Easter break and were intent on clogging up the transport arteries that lead GF to the west.

It was a day with no scheduled meetings. This, by its very nature, means that it was a good and productive day. GF spent time looking for gaps in our end-to-end solution, and satisfied that there  were no gaping holes, he moved on to a review of the provision of virtual applications and virtual desktops.

The Solicitor made contact - he was have problem with the local building department - they could not find a certificate for building work we had corrected when we moved in. GF called the Council and spoke to a nice lady. He explained the situation and she checked the records to confirm that it was all signed off as satisfactory... and suggested and Urgent email may get the required paperwork. 45 seconds later she had the email. Now we just need to wait.

A chap also called the Silver Vixen. He wanted to check some brickwork for the purchasers. After a long chate with the Silver Vixen he realised he had examined the house once before and confirmed there was nothing to worry about - but he would re-visit to check.

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