Thursday, March 29, 2012

Starfleet Codes

Anything that involves the transfer of funds within or outside Starfleet means knowing the right code. The Gorse Fox required some new software for his laptop which though only a couple of hundred pounds, was likely to save him several days of work.

The question was, whose code should bear the cost?

The project agreed they should fund it, and revealed their code. This turned out top be wrong and was rejected. They had no other – and had been using this code for some time.

We asked the Admiral – he did not know, and certainly did not want it charged against his code. We went hunting, and finally – some ten days later – the code came through. Despite being on vacation GF logged in and completed his order; within ten minutes it was approved. GF now awaits delivery.

It’s all about knowing the right codes. It’s all Da Vinci’s fault.

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