Friday, March 09, 2012


The Gorse Fox had and early start as he commuted from the bedroom to the bathroom, the bathroom to the kitchen and then the kitchen to the study. No traffic, no delays. Perfect.

As he started working through his emails and the document reviews he had scheduled he got a phone call from the Teddy Bear... "any chance you could do a CTO review of a bid for a Government agency?"
GF agreed and said he should be able to find time on Monday or Tuesday. As it happened, however, the lead designer was off on vacation tonight so GF made contact and spent most of the afternoon pouring through diagrams and designs and questioning the chap. Analysis complete, he knuckled down and wrote his report. Job done.

Meanwhile, the day job still had to get done - three separate design documents were reviewed and commented upon and two documents for which the Gorse Fox was the author were extensively updated and re-published. On top of this there was a stream of telephone calls and teleconferences. It has been intense, but satisfying.

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