Wednesday, March 28, 2012


The first day of the holiday was spent with paperwork – what fixtures and fittings would remain when we moved? what is the provenance of the building etc.? This took a couple of hours to complete – then to prove we are not laundering money (chance would be a fine thing) we had to dig out passports and driving licenses to take to our solicitor. (Can anyone explain how the possession of a passport or driving license prevents us from money-laundering?)

Next we had an appointment at the new house to measure up for window dressings, to select the carpets and the flooring for the bathrooms. This all took longer than expected as there seems to be an extraordinary number of things to consider and to measure up. The one slight disappointment was the presence of a manhole cover right where we were hoping to build one wall of a conservatory – so that plan has to be adapted.

Over in paradise, it is clear from the photos that Cousteau-cub has posted, that she and the Coventry Hobbit had a lovely holiday in the Gili Islands. Can’t wait to have a chat with here and hear all about it.

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