Saturday, March 03, 2012


Obsolescence is a time, like adolescence, when some device just lies there and ignores you. When you try to stimulate it, it just gives you the technological equivalent of a “whatever!!!” and continues to ignore you.

The Gorse Fox has two mobile phones. One is kept for work, the other is for family. This was deemed necessary several years ago when a certain project troll would wake up in the middle of the night with a bright idea, and choose to phone the Gorse Fox to discuss it. He also managed to receive several work calls when away on vacation. Enough was enough.The work phone can be switched off, or left behind at weekends, but the private phone is always available to the family wherever GF might be.

Yesterday, as the private phone approaches the end of its contract it went blank. It would not respond to any act of stimulation, it became adolescent… and remained like that for about twelve hours. Then GF had one last try – phone was dismantled, battery removed, SIM removed, storage removed. Everything was cleaned and re-installed, the power button was pressed and voila, the phone seems to have been restored to a useful life.

GF will take this as a warning and start considering the replacement device.

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