Saturday, February 25, 2012

Venturing out

The Gorse Fox and Silver Vixen had to make themselves scarce – the agents were bringing prospects to view the house. GF plucked up the courage and suggest a rare trip to the large emporium on the outskirts of Hove that is owned by the Messrs Marks and Spencer. Such trips fill the Gorse Fox with dread, however this time was not too bad. The Gorse Fox will explain:

M&S as it is colloquially known seems to attract vast throngs of humankind. As in any large group, there are people of all kinds, namely the well-heeled, the couples, the families, the vague, the terminally stupid, and the zombies. Unfortunately there is no simple equilibrium displayed in this demographic. It is seriously out of kilter, with a bias towards the list.

Today, however, it was not too busy. The zombies were obviously in the town centre, with their noses pressed up against the windows as they tried to gain entry to the shops without understanding the function of a door. The terminally stupid were scattered about talking about world events as reported on CBeebies and blocking the aisles with their trolleys and endomorphic frames. The vague were present but as the wandered aimlessly around, they caused little distress to the normal public.

After trying on a number of pairs of trousers, the Gorse Fox had to conclude that they were making the waistlines smaller than before. Swapping the selection, he eventually chose a suitable pair and satisfied that this would last another year or two – he and the Silver Vixen beat a hasty retreat.

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