Thursday, February 23, 2012

Fashion critics

The Silver Vixen wanted to see where the Chichester College was and where its car park was in relation to the part of Chichester she knows. We headed off into the late winter sunshine and soon found the target. The Silver Vixen was happy and we headed back to the town centre to have a look around any suitable galleries and enjoy the nice weather.

Though the temperature was warm, it was not warm enough for the Silver Vixen to do without her coat. It was, however, warm enough for her to eschew the fur trimmed hood, and leave it hanging casually on the back.

It is evident that the gulls that seem to have taken ownership of South Street were not impressed with the latest fashion and one – who had evidently eaten well, but felt too laden to fly with ease, decided that it was time to jettison the content of its lower gut. This was down with such precision that it filled the Silver Vixen’s hood without her even noticing until we got home.

She was not best amused.

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